GA Guide can’t do everything, so we’ve collected links to some other essential General Aviation resources!


AWWS – Canadian Aviation Weather Web Site

CFPS – Nav Canada’s online flight planning tool

Zulu for Pilots – Map based notam viewer – Crowdsourced fuel prices

COPA – Promoting the Canadian freedom to fly since 1952

SkyVector – Free online aeronautical charts

GoSAR – Maps used primarily by CASARA (but useful for everyone) – Flight safety and training related content


Alberta General Aviation – Active Facebook community with thousands of local pilots

Alberta Aviation Council – Members receive an excellent Alberta Air Facilities wall map

WMI Radar – Weather radar for parts of central Alberta not well covered by Environment Canada

British Columbia

BC General Aviation – Highly organized pilot community, with lots of great resources

BC Floatplane Association – Resources for those landing on BC’s many lakes, rivers, & coastal waters

BC WX stations and Cams – Map showing airport webcams and other weather stations

United States

eAPIS – Manifest must be submitted before entering the U.S.

AWC – U.S. Aviation Weather Center

Airfield Guide – Map of out-of-the-way airports across the U.S.